Greetings Brothers,

It’s is of the upmost respect and humility to serve as Chairman of the Gamma Pi Alumni Association, Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Incorporated. As we embark upon this endeavor, my commitment is to serve, and to work diligently with each Brother seeking to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Gamma Pi Alumni Association. I would like to acknowledge and express sincere gratitude and appreciation to those Brothers who were elected to serve in various leadership positions of our esteemed organization. These Brothers are:

Brother Sylvester Harris (Fall ’90) – Vice Chairman
Brother William Wade (Fall ’90) – Secretary
Brother Ernest Thompson (Fall ’90) – Treasurer
Brother Erskin Mitchell (Fall ’90) – Executive Board Member
Brother Marvin Smith (Spring ’89) – Executive Board Member
Brother Michael Joiner (Spring ‘08) – Executive Board Member
Brother Marcus Taylor (Spring ’97) – Communications / Web Master

Let’s commend these Brothers for their commitment and dedication to serve, and I look forward to working with each Achiever.

As we advance our cause, I encourage each Brother to get involved, and to participate in our efforts. Under careful considerations and open dialogue with several Brothers, I have identified five major milestones for 2017. These milestones are:

  1. Reclamation Campaign “Bring Brothers back to Gamma Pi”
  2. Raise and Donate $25,000.00 – Gamma Pi Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Program (Scholarship Contribution Campaign) – presented at Alcorn’s Homecoming 2017
  3. Support Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s Reunion, Marino Casem’s Golf Tournament, Charitable Program(s), and Fund Raisers (when scheduled)
  4. Implement the Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s Honors Program
  5. Develop and implement a strategic plan for the Gamma Pi Legacy Memorial Monument at Alcorn State University – (Legacy Campaign)

Although we are geographically dispersed, our commitment to accomplishing our goals will not be hindered. We will succeed! Therefore, our means of communication must be reliably effective in order to reclaim and inspire Brothers to get involved. We will always reach out to Brothers via open dialog and conversations to encourage them to get involved and to support our Association. We will work to improve our communications and social media systems by updating our website, by developing an improved payment systems for dues, donations, and contributions, and by developing and implementing the Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s application (APP) for improved information distribution to Brothers.

Continued financial support to build upon the Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s endowed scholarship fund at Alcorn State University is our major priority. Therefore, the goal for 2017 is to raise and donate $25,000.00 to Alcorn State University. Our plan will be to present the contribution during Alcorn’s 2017 Homecoming weekend. The Gamma Pi Alumni Association Scholarship Contribution Campaign (SCC) will be the funding source for this effort. Information will be disseminated to Brothers within the near future with regards to this endeavor, and we strongly encourage each Brother to participate. Additionally, we will continue to support the Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s programs and events, such as, the reunion, the Marino Casem Scholarship Golf tournament, the bereavement committee campaign, and any other requirement(s) necessary for the betterment of our Brothers and Association.

As the Association continues to achieve, I contend that it’s imperative that we acknowledge and honor those “Brothers” who go “far-and-beyond” the call of duty of serving and supporting the Association’s efforts. Therefore, the Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s Honors Program will be established to recognize and honor those Brothers who excel and display extraordinary efforts of service and achievement within the Association.

As we advance our cause “together” towards the pursuit of excellence in every field of human endeavor, it is fitting, “to never forget, from whence we came”; therefore, we seek to establish the Gamma Pi Alumni Legacy Memorial Monument at Alcorn State University. This will be a historical monument that photographically depicts Kappa Alpha Psi Founding Fathers, and engraved names of every Brother that pledged Gamma Pi, to include Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s members. The goal for 2017 is to implement and develop a comprehensive strategic plan for monument development, construction and approval requirements from Alcorn State University. Additionally, requirements for funding, design, location, and construction timeline will be evaluated during the planning process. The Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s Legacy Campaign will be the funding source for this historical and groundbreaking endeavor.

In closing, I acknowledge that high expectations and challenges are presented, and by in-large are warranted for the Gamma Pi Alumni Association. As Chairman, “I know, I cannot do this alone;” therefore, Brothers! “I need and seek your help and support.” This is our charge, and this is our legacy. “If we don’t do things to improve the conditions of our youth; to foster the sustainability of our beloved “Gamma Pi”; or to provide continued financial support to Alcorn”; the question is, “who will?” Therefore, as Achievers, we will lead and be at the forefront of advancing and achieving the tasks at hand. In unity we will move forward to successfully accomplish each milestone. As Brothers, we will continue to build upon our extraordinary legacy of “Gamma Pi”.

Wishing each Brother a joyous and prosperous “2017”

Yours In The Bond,
Chuck Patrick, Ph.D., Fall 1990